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 The rules of this forum

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PostSubject: The rules of this forum   Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:27 pm

Here are the rules, I'll make it short:

- Do not insult or discriminate anyone on this forum
- Do not post rascistic comments/topics/...
- Don't post anything that might hurt somebody.
- Please avoid dubble-posts on the same day.
- Don't make a request or download topic/forum. Download links of copyrighted things are allowed, but don't post too much, the forum will be deleted if it would be detected.
- The main language is English, It's ok to post something in an other language if you've got a special reason.
- Try to stay 'on-topic', I've made the forum 'Chats' for random stuff.
- Post a comment in the topic 'Acception of rules' if you agree with these rules.

Note 1: If you break the rules, I'll give you a warning, if you don't adapt your behaviour, I'll delete you from the forum.
Note 2: I might adapt some rules, so check them if you notice a new message here.
Note 3: I've noticed the length of titles of topics must be ranging between 10 and 255 characters, I'll try to do something about this.
Note 4: You can discuss the rules on the forum 'discussion of rules'

Have fun!
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The rules of this forum
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